La belle province des satisfaits


Alain Cognard studied and worked in law and economics. He participated with Georges Lapassade to the analyse of UQAM, at its first beginning, and to the redaction of two connected books. An observer of human groups and nations, he has focused his work on the expression of outcasts and dissidence in general.

He his also interested in photography (Paris, club « Les 30x40 ») targeting the expression of personnages and setting them in their epoque. « Les parapluies 1966 », « Johnny à la Nation 1965 », « Les Gitans 1966 », « Référend d’homme, 1967 », « rue de la Verrerie 1993 », « Élise, 1997 », « Couleurs, 2004 ».

His photography may have its origin in childhood remembrance, waiting for Saturday, for liberty, waiting for the train, waiting for the beauties outside all walls, waiting for tomorrow, trying to forget the past. This image is full of nostalgy and becomes a way of looking at the things and understanding the world, a way ton reconciliate happiness and the patent absurdity of life. For the photograph, it is also an intention to let the spectator go with his own desire and his proper vigilances.