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Upcoming books

An essay on gender equality

"Violence and strengh don’t determine the law anymore, law makes life"
"In criminal court (in France) six trials out of ten are about rape "

An essay on democracy

"In France there are six thousands organisms to assist businesses. Annual budget, 60 billions, more than the budget for education.".


Even if women generally ask for a separation (eight times out of tn in France), the cause is often the irresponsability of men ; women talk about slackness.

Far from being a simple entertainment, sexuality is the heart of human relations. It modulates reproduction, women's right, the family, couple relations, violence. It is a domination revealer.

A woman cannot be a little more equal than before. She is or she is not equal.

Another curiosity about the male power, the idea that it is the woman, Eve, who is unfaithful and drives the man to become unfaithful. This biblic idea was born long before the bible. Knowing that women carry out the renewel and the expansion of mankind, there was no question to grant them any liberty.