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La Belle Province des satisfaits

La Belle Province des satisfaits

In the sixties, Quebec was the one place on earth where something happened : the whole society was inhabited by a dream that could be named « the quebec dream », by reference to the american dream. Since these times, from small breaches of trust to doubtful concessions, Quebec has become La Belle Province des satisfaits, hommage to Galbraith’s « Culture of contentment ». Alain Cognard does not accept such desesperate shrinking of horizons, he does not accept either this tendancy to self-congratulation and the refusal of critic that Quebecers have developped by compensation. With a verve of pamphleteer, he wants to dislodge his compatriots from their torpor and give them a new passion for politic debate.

Édition: V.L.B.
ISBN: 2890058387
Paru en: 2003


“So that the underprivileged social classes could be a part of this ongoing renewal of spirit, the state must invest more efforts into achieving this goal beginning with early education, especially in poor circles. Even by the time children start school, it is often too late. Home truth? Nevertheless, in their neighbourhoods, the children go to school without breakfast, they don’t have access to sports and cultural activities, nor to well funded libraries, and are growing up in difficult living conditions. Therefore, the learning possibilities are limited to the time spent at school in an environment that is often hostile, and impairs social and cultural development. Among other reasons, we could add politicians "satisfied" with maintaining the status quo.” Page 78

Culture is a collective question wearing the mantle of an answer. Page 109

" Art is maybe the only means which the human being has to beware of his errors. " P. 109

Domestic violence means contempt, premeditated murder, heinous murder. Jurists don’t consider the premeditation because these murders occurs during a quarrel, while each battle is a part of a murderous project. Page 138

"For the murderer, killing his children is like throwing away his engagement ring." p. 139